Aloo Chaat Like You’ve Never Seen Before: 5 Delicious Ways To Elevate Your Chaat

a7e6b32 aloo Aloo Chaat Like You've Never Seen Before: 5 Delicious Ways To Elevate Your Chaat

The mere mention of aloo chaat is enough to set our taste buds tingling! Bite-sized boiled potato pieces, coated in an array of spices, dominate India’s palate with an explosion of flavours. What’s most captivating are the unique regional variations of this beloved street food. In Delhi, aloo chaat involves deep-frying potatoes, followed by a blend of spices, while in Bengal, you’ll find a medley of boiled potatoes, onions, and sprouted kala chana, all well-coated with spicy tamarind water. The creativity doesn’t stop there-people often enhance the dish by incorporating various elements such as corn, paneer, and chana, among others. We recently sampled some of these upgraded versions of aloo chaat, and each left us yearning for more. In this article, we’ll share our favourite upgraded aloo chaat recipes that can be easily prepared with a few simple alterations. Sound intriguing? Well then, head to your kitchen, don your chef’s hat, and get ready for a culinary adventure.

Why Aloo Chaat Is A Popular Indian Street Food:

It’s rightly said that potatoes are universal-they pair well with anything and everything, and the same holds true for chaat. You can add or omit any ingredient from aloo chaat, and it will still taste as delicious as ever. There’s a scientific explanation: potatoes, being tubers, possess a starchy texture that complements every type of recipe. In fact, the vegetable’s cellular structure is designed in a way that absorbs all the flavours of other ingredients in a dish. This is what makes aloo chaat a dish that resonates with every Indian taste bud.

How To Prepare Classic Aloo Chaat:

The recipe is quite simple! Start by boiling some potatoes with salt. Once they’re cooked, peel and dice them into bite-sized cubes. Then, add lime juice, chaat masala, roasted cumin, and chilli powder. Adjust the salt according to your taste, and finish off with some green chillies and coriander leaves to enhance the flavours. You can also garnish the aloo chaat with mint leaves. Find the detailed recipe here.
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5 Ways To Elevate Classic Aloo Chaat:

Now that you have the basic recipe, let’s explore how you can enhance its appearance and taste.

1. Aloo Chaat With Kala Chana:

For this version, soak kala chana overnight to allow it to sprout. After draining the water, add the sprouted kala chana to the aloo chaat for added crunch, flavour, and nutrients. If you’re not fond of the taste of raw kala chana, boil it with some salt before adding it to the dish. This version is not only delicious but also incredibly healthy.

2. Aloo Chaat With Peanuts:

If you love a crunchy element in your chaat, a handful of peanuts is the perfect addition. Dry roast the peanuts on a tawa, remove the outer skin and mix them into the dish.

3. Aloo Chaat With Paneer:

Incorporating paneer into the dish adds richness and satisfaction. Cut a slab of paneer into small cubes, lightly toss them in oil, and mix them with the chaat. Trust us, the taste will be incredible. You can also add a slice of toasted bread on the side for a wholesome meal.

4. Shakarkandi Chaat:

By now, you’ve probably tried this dish. Simply replace regular potatoes with sweet potatoes (shakarkandi), while keeping the other ingredients the same. Boil or roast the sweet potatoes, peel the skin, and dice them into small cubes. Then, add all the other components used in regular aloo chaat, toss everything together, and savour. This version offers a healthier and lower-calorie option. The subtle sweetness of shakarkandi is a delightful addition.

5. Aloo Chaat With Corn:

This dish is perfect for the monsoon season. The time calls for corn, and we love experimenting with various corn recipes. For this version, boil corn kernels with some salt and then toss them in butter. Once done, add them to the aloo chaat and relish the satisfying crunch.
Which Upgraded Aloo Chaat Version Will You Try First? Let Us Know in the Comments Below. Enjoy Your Snacking!

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