Amazon Freedom Festival 2023: 5 Top Brand Water Purifiers On Best Deals- Check Them Out!

Clean drinking water is one of our most basic needs in daily life, and hence, you will find a water purifier installed in every household. But the problem arises when you get multiple purifier options to choose from. You heard us. If you explore the market, you will find the appliance from different brands, having unique specifications and features – this is when you end up getting utterly confused. Fret not, we are here to help you out. We bring you some of the best options from top brands that are now available on lucrative discounts, courtesy the ongoing Amazon Freedom Festival. The e-commerce giant is currently having their annual shopping extravaganza, to mark the occasion of India’s Independence Day. The festival began on 4th August and will end soon on the 8th, offering great discounts and other benefits on every product across the platform. So, without delaying further, scan through the deals and get your essentials before the sale ends. Click here for details.

Here’re 5 Water Purifier Options From Top Brands On Great Discount:

1. Livpure GLO PRO++ Water Purifier:

This water purifier has 7-litre capacity and comes with seven-stage purification process that helps you get clean, disinfected water to drink. It also comes with taste enhancing feature that provides a natural sweetness to the water. Originally priced at Rs. 15500 , it is now available for Rs. 8699 .

2. Sure From Aquaguard Delight NXT Water Purifier:

This water purifier comes with 6-litre storage capacity and helps save up to 60 percent water purification and filtration process. It helps remove new-age contaminants like lead, mercury and arsenic from water, eliminating all the germs and bacteria for safe usage. Originally priced at Rs. 14000 , it is now available for Rs. 7699.

45% off

3. Havells Fab UV Storage Water Purifier:

This product has 7-litre storage capacity and undergoes five-stage purification process. It also comes with zero-touch dispensing system that ensures hygiene to the fullest. Originally priced at Rs. 13199 , it is now available for Rs. 6299.

48% off

4. Aquaguard Ritz Water Purifier:

This purifier comes with a stainless-steel storage tank that is tough, durable and corrosion-free. It also comes with advanced purification technology that gives you water, as clean and safe as water boiled for 20 minutes. The purifier can hold up to 5.5-litre water. Originally priced at Rs. 27000, it is now available for Rs. 16199.

33% off

5. KENT Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier:

This purifier has 8-litre storage capacity and undergoes ultraviolet reverse osmosis purification process. It helps remove even dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, pesticides and fluorides and ensures safe water for drinking. Originally priced at Rs. 21000, it is now available for Rs. 16699.

25% off

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