Anshula Kapoor’s Million Dollar Smile While Sipping Hot Chocolate Is Relatable

Anshula Kapoor’s fondness for food accompanied her on the vacation with her beau Rohan Thakkar. The couple enjoyed a retreat in the serene Himalayan foothills, where Anshula had an unforgettable culinary experience. A throwback photo shared today showcased the diva radiating joy as she savoured a cup of hot chocolate. Her million-dollar smile lit up the frame as she held the cherished beverage. In her caption, she expressed, “This weather’s got me craving hot chocolate.. so just gracing your feed with photos of me sipping the best hot chocolate I’ve had this year, toothy chocolate-filled smile and all.” The image captured the essence of a delightful moment, making us part of her heartwarming experience.

Take a look at her post below:

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During the same vacation escapade, Anshula Kapoor had ticked off a desire from her bucket list. And what was it? Well, it was the art of crafting a pizza right from the beginning. Just a few days back, she had unveiled a video where she, alongside a chef, had delved into preparing this delightful dish. The video had begun with Rohan Thakkar and Anshula Kapoor seated, each with a pizza in front of them. With eager attention, Anshula Kapoor had taken lessons from the chef, starting with flattening the dough to form the perfect pizza base. Her next step involved pouring a vibrant red pizza sauce, followed by a sprinkle of grated cheese, assorted vegetables, and fresh tomatoes. The journey had concluded as she had placed her creation into the oven, revealing the mouthwatering result. 

In the caption, Anshula joyfully shared, “Crossed off a wish on my bucket list last month, and it had to grace this space! Embraced the art of crafting nearly homemade pizza during my stay at The Westin Himalayas! Gotta proudly admit, it turned out pretty (heart-eyes emoji) (even if mine didn’t match the chef’s appearance haha).” Read the full story here.

Anshula and Rohan enjoyed a romantic date night last month, beginning with a cheesy pizza feast at a restaurant in Mumbai. Anshula playfully filmed the mouthwatering pizza and Rohan enjoying a refreshing drink straight from the bottle. It was the perfect start to their culinary adventure. Their next stop took them to another eatery, where they relished a delightful combo: beer, a double-patty burger, and crispy fries. Anshula Kapoor praised the burger’s excellence, dubbing it a “banger”. The burger came with zesty green chillies for a spicy kick and a creamy white dip for extra indulgence. Classic French fries completed the scrumptious experience. Click here to read the full story.

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