Anupam Kher’s Sunday Indulgence Featured The Delhi Classic – Chole Bhature

irlik3v anupam Anupam Kher's Sunday Indulgence Featured The Delhi Classic - Chole Bhature

Anupam Kher’s food diaries just got updated. After a delicious vegetarian meal at a Mumbai restaurant, the actor has added another chapter to his gastronomic adventures. And, it is hands down an all-time favourite meal of almost every Delhiite. Any guesses? Hint: From Indian cricketer Virat Kohli to Bollywood actresses like Sara Ali Khan and Anushka Sharma, all have expressed their love for this Punjabi native dish. Yes, yes… we couldn’t be talking about anything but chole bhature. This north Indian indulgence includes spicy and flavourful chole (chickpeas), served with puffy hot bhature, a side of onions, masaledar green chilli, as well as some green chutney. Anupam Kher, who was accompanied by his friends, also relished this Punjabi delicacy. He shared a video on Instagram Stories, which featured his chole bhature platter, along with some stuffed parathas and grilled sandwiches. The actor spanned the clip to capture his friends, who were busy digging into their delicious-looking meals. In the background, Anupam Kher was heard saying, “khao khao.”

Check out Anupam Kher relishing chole bhature: 

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Chole Bhature has a tantalising mix of earthy Indian spices, evenly layered on the boiled chickpeas cooked with a hearty mix of tomatoes and onions. When paired with puffy, stuffed bhaturas, this meal gives the perfect foodgasm every foodie looks for. Looking for the full recipe to replicate street-style chole bhature? Click the link here. 

Even Sara Ali Khan is a fan of chole bhature. She once shared her indulgence of Delhi’s street-style chole bhature on Instagram Stories. The photo showcased the wholesome spicy masaledar chole, fluffy and soft bhatura, chopped onion rings and some amla pickle. “Chole Bhature. Dilli se”: Sara Ali Khan captioned the post and added several heart emojis to her post. Read the full story here.

Remember when Anushka Sharma found out her husband and Indian cricket Viral Kohlti’s favourite cheat-meal (of course chole bhature) in Mumbai? We all know that Kohli, who hails from Delhi, absolutely loves the classic street-style chole bhature. Last year in October, Anusha revealed that she was searching in vain for an outlet in Mumbai that would serve them this Punjabi delicacy, exactly like the ones sold in Delhi. Well, the actress turned out to be successful. She did find Delhi-style chole bhature in Mumbai and it was nothing short of a foodie milestone. FYI: It got Virat Kohli’s stamp of approval. Check out the full story here.

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