Chef Gary Mehigan Gives Shout-Out To Two Madurai Men Making Bun Parotta

Australian chef and restaurateur Gary Mehigan is reminiscing about his trip to India’s Madurai. How do we know? Well, his latest Instagram post is a testament to the statement. Earlier this year in May, Mehigan was in Madurai. The former MasterChef Australia judge explored the local delicacies of the city and even visited a number of food outlets. Now, in his latest Instagram post, the chef has revisited some fond memories from his trip. And it features the making of bun parotta. Gary Mehigan has shared a video where two locals, working in a food stall, are seen making some bread. “Watch the expert,” Gary Mehigan said at the start of the video. Following this, the man flips the dough multiple times (using his unique technique) which makes it see-through. Next, he folds in the form of a light and airy bun. “Beautiful… well done”: that’s how Gary Mehigan describes the men and their skill.

In the caption, the chef described it as “dream skills.” He also revealed that the video was shot in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai at a shop “making and selling bun parotta.” 

He wrote, “Dream skills as far as I’m concerned. I may have posted this before but every time I watch it…wow! This was in Madurai in Tamil Nadu at a shop making and selling bun parotta. You tease this super light and crisp bread apart and dip it into a number of different spicy gravies. My goodness it’s delicious…..and I want one now!”

Watch the full video here: 

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Previously, in another Instagram video, the celebrity chef gave us a round-up of his trip to Madurai. He even gave a shout-out to the eateries and described the various dishes he relished. Let’s get started. The first snack he ate was the Special Ravai Dosai (semolina pancake) at Meenakshi Bhavan. Describing the dish, Gary Mehigan said, “crisp and wonderful, simply torn into chunks and dipped in the chutneys…yum!”

Next, he visited a little food cart near Sarabeswarar Temple, to gobble down some addicting Mullu Murungai Vadai, which according to Gary Mehigan are “fritter or maybe more like a poori made from rice and murungai leaves which give them the wonderful vibrant green colour.” 

The next chapter, in Gary Mehigan’s Madurai food expedite, was about raagi or semolina Vadai, which were “sweet, crisp, and had little pieces of soft onion throughout.” 

Last but not least, he savoured a Kesari Boli. This classic dish is prepared with soft flour dough, filled with sweet kesari which is made of sugar, cashews, semolina, spices and a dash of orange colour. 

Take a look at Gary Mehigan’s Madurai food diaries: 

Here are some more glimpses of Gary Mehigan’s culinary adventure in Madurai:

We certainly cannot wait for Gary Mehigan to visit various other cities in India, popular for their diverse and lip-smacking delicious food. 

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