Chicken 65 Ranked Among “10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes” In The World

7ahcvi7g chicken Chicken 65 Ranked Among "10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes" In The World

7ahcvi7g chicken Chicken 65 Ranked Among "10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes" In The World

Chicken meals are a sure shot route to a non-vegetarian’s heart. And when it is about fried chicken, the success rate is quite high. What’s better than a crispy crust that cracks on a bite and then gives way to flavourful juicy flesh? Crispy fried chicken is popular across the world, and every region has its own way of preparing this indulgence. TasteAtlas, a popular food guide, recently released its list of the “10 Best Fried Chicken Dishes” in the world. Guess who bagged the top spot in this prestigious list? It is Indonesia with its decadent ayam goreng, which has scored 4.6 stars out of 5. Indonesia surely has some amazing fried chicken dishes as the country also occupied the sixth position on the list. But hold on, there’s a delicacy from India as well! The much-loved Chicken 65 has made the country proud. Garnering 4.3 stars, this dish was ranked 10th on the list by TasteAtlas.
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How To Make Chicken 65 – One Of The Best Fried Chicken Dishes Of The World

Chicken 65 is one of the most popular chicken dishes in the country. One can find it at street food stalls as well as sit-down restaurants. You can also prepare it at home within an hour. All you have to do is to prepare a lip-smacking marinade that will make your chicken finger-licking good. After smearing the chicken pieces in the spicy marination, leave it for 30 minutes. Next, you have to deep fry it in hot oil. The process will give you flavourful, juicy and crunchy chicken 65. What are you waiting for? Take a look at the recipe here.
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Notably, Indonesia’s ayam goreng was followed by Taiwanese popcorn chicken with 4.5 stars. On the “10 Best fried chicken” list, the majority of the dishes scored 4.4 stars. The delectable American-style fried chicken sits in third place with 4.4 stars. Next, we have China’s crispy fried chicken with 4.4 stars from its Guangdong province. Dishes like chicken Kyiv from Ukraine, ayam penyet from Indonesia’s East Java, pozharskaya kotleta from Russia and backhendl from Austria’s Vienna also bagged 4.4 stars. The American-style hot chicken from USA’s Nashville has occupied the ninth spot with 4.3 stars. 

In another post, TasteAtlas elaborated on Indonesia’s beloved fried chicken dish ayam goreng. Talking about its preparation, they wrote, “In its basic form, Indonesian-style fried chicken consists of chicken cuts, preferably bone-in pieces such as thighs and drumsticks, which are marinated in spices, then shortly braised before being fried until golden and crispy.” Indonesian-style fried chicken can be relished individually as a snack or can be paired up with rice, fresh vegetables and salads.

Which is your favourite fried chicken dish? Let us know in the comments below.
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