Enjoy Cake Guilt-Free! 6 Easy Ways To Make It Healthier And Tastier

028kv0ag walnut Enjoy Cake Guilt-Free! 6 Easy Ways To Make It Healthier And Tastier

Are you tired of resisting your sweet cravings while on a diet? Are you craving cakes but worried about putting on extra calories? We understand that this can be quite challenging. Cakes are loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats, which can hinder our weight loss goals. But don’t lose hope, as there are numerous ways in which you can enjoy cakes totally guilt-free! All you have to do is swap it for healthier ingredients. Your cake will taste just as good but will be a lot healthier. Isn’t that something we all desire? Find below some helpful tips to up the nutrient quotient of your cakes:

How To Make Cakes Healthier: Here Are 6 Easy Tips

1. Ditch the maida

Maida (all-purpose flour) is the biggest culprit that makes cakes unhealthy. It certainly helps make them softer, but it fails miserably in providing nutrients. Maida is low in protein, has a high GI, and loses most of its nutrients during the processing stage. Instead, you must opt for healthier whole grains such as whole wheat (atta), almond flour, or oat flour.
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2. Replace white sugar with honey

Sugar is what makes cakes taste incredibly divine. Sadly, it is quite harmful and can lead to several health problems. Swapping regular white sugar with honey is an excellent way to make cakes healthier. Honey is rich in antioxidants and won’t lead to weight gain. You can also use jaggery, coconut sugar, or date sugar. 


3. Use healthier fats

Fats are essential for adding moisture to cakes. The most commonly used fats that we use in our recipes are butter and oil. While they both help add moisture, remember to use them in moderation as they are also high in fat. For best results, you can swap them entirely by using healthy fats such as yoghurt or mashed bananas.

4. Cut down on frosting

It can be quite tempting to decorate your cake with frosting once it’s done. However, frosting is mostly plain sugar and butter, and this isn’t such a great idea when trying to eat healthy. If you wish to decorate your cake, simply dust it with some sugar or use a thin glaze instead of covering it with heavy buttercream frosting or whipped cream.

bajra cake frosting

5. Use dark chocolate

If you’re baking a chocolate cake, consider using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It has more cocoa and less sugar, and you won’t have to worry about putting on extra calories. It also contains less fat compared to milk chocolate, making it a better option.
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6. Add nuts and seeds

Don’t hesitate to add some nuts and seeds to your cake batter. They not only add nutrition but also offer a nice crunch in every bite. You can use nuts such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, flaxseeds etc. They work exceptionally well when making dry cakes.


So, the next time you’re planning to bake a cake, keep these tips in mind to enjoy it guilt-free. Happy Baking!

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