Gigi Hadid Made This Yummy Multi-Layered Sandwich At Home And We Want To Try It

Gigi Hadid eating healthy to stay fit is nothing new to the internet. But what her fans rarely notice is that she prefers to stay surrounded by food. Courtesy: Her “routined” eating habit. Be it her all-girls trip to Cayman Island or spending summer days with her daughter Khai Hadid Malik, the American supermodel ensures to leave a foodie trail behind. And we love every bit of it. Treating us once again with the same, she recently gave all a glance at the preparation of a yummy sandwich. We must tell you, Gigi makes sure to keep up with the greens. The series of stories began with Gigi showing the fillings she uses for her sandwich.
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The picture shows two toasted pieces of bread, with arugula leaves, a few ham strips, and a little lemon zest on top of one half. What appears like the pesto sauce was spread on the other bread. It was kept on a wooden board next to sliced lemon and tomatoes. She shared it with the text “First.” The next story revealed that Gigi Hadid topped her sandwich with a thick slice of tomato, cottage cheese and what seemed like barbecue sauce on both sides. The second story was shared with the text “Then”.  She enjoyed her sandwich by slicing it in two halves, and she shared its glimpses after plating. The text on the picture added, “Beauty, grace, etc.”


Photo Credit: Instagram/ @gigihadid


Photo Credit: Instagram/ @gigihadid


Photo Credit: Instagram/ @gigihadid

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Just a week back Gigi Hadid gave us a sneak peek of her “Best of Summer!” with her munchkin Khai. Wondering how was it? Well, it was all about colourful fruits, sweet treats and cheat meals. The series of pictures revealed that the mother-daughter duo spend some quality time together, as they took a boat ride and fed horses. In one of the pictures, Khai was seen showing a container of blueberries in the camera. It appears that the two also indulged in some gardening. We also got a glimpse of little Khai’s cute plate with some blueberries, baby carrots and vegetable sandwiches. For breakfast, baby Khai enjoyed teddy bear-shaped crepes, while Gigi’s plate had what looked like an omelette with bacon. Lastly, the duo enjoyed pink-coloured ice cream popsicles which were garnished with crushed nuts.

Before this, Gigi Hadid’s trip to Cayman Island also left us drooling. She savoured some lip-smacking seafood and pizza. Read the full story here.
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