Idli In Coconut Sauce – A Match Made In Culinary Heaven

Idli In Coconut Sauce - A Match Made In Culinary Heaven

Can you ever say no to soft and spongy idli? We definitely can’t. There’s a saying that states good things come in pairs, and this classic combination of idli and coconut chutney certainly affirms that. The irresistibly comforting steamed rice cakes have been winning hearts across South India and beyond for generations. However, what truly propels this beloved dish to new heights is the accompaniment of luscious chutney. We have discovered a unique way to relish this meal by submerging the idlis in a velvety coconut sauce – a match made in heaven.

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Embracing Tradition With a Modern Twist

Idli, the unassuming star of this culinary affair, is a testament to the beauty of simplicity. Made from a batter of fermented rice and urad dal, idlis may appear humble, but their taste is anything but. The fermentation process imparts a subtle tanginess, while the steaming renders them light and airy.

However, what truly sets apart this rendition of idli is the addition of a creamy, aromatic coconut sauce. While coconut chutney has traditionally been the trusty side dish, our modern twist takes it a step further. This sauce combines the creamy richness of coconut with a hint of tang and a gentle kick of spice. It’s a homage to tradition with a contemporary flair. Without further ado, let’s delve into this amazing recipe.

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Coconut chutney is popular in south Indian cuisine. Image Credit: iStock

How to Make Idlis in Coconut Sauce | Idli in Coconut Sauce Recipe

The process of making idli remains largely unchanged from what you have been following so far. Soak urad dal and rice and grind them to make a slightly grainy batter. Allow the batter to ferment overnight or for 8 hours. Season the batter and pour it into idli moulds for steaming.

For the coconut sauce, blend coconut, green chillies, and ginger with salt to create a paste. Temper it with a mixture of sauteed curry leaves, mustard seeds, and urad dal.

And now, all that remains is to assemble the dish. Place the idlis on a plate and generously pour the coconut sauce all over them. Your South Indian special mini meal is now ready.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for Idli in Coconut Sauce.

The delicate flavour and texture of the idlis complement the creamy coconut sauce exquisitely. It’s a nod to the rich heritage of South Indian cuisine, embodying a fusion of tradition and innovation.

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