Looking For A Veg Musallam Recipe? Try This Delicious And Easy Lauki Musallam

Want to enjoy Mughlai flavours in a veg dish? Looking for a unique recipe to impress dinner guests? Tired of the same old gravies? Then we have a special dish that is sure to delight you: Lauki Musallam. This regal vegetarian delicacy combines the goodness of bottle gourd, potatoes, nuts, and spices to make a flavorful gravy. It can be relished with rotis, parathas, or even rice. Lauki Musallam is perfect for a festive or party meal and is relatively simple to prepare as well. Find out more below.

What Is Lauki Musallam?

Lauki Musallam is a vegetarian version of the popular Mughlai delicacy, Murgh Musallam. In the original version, marinated whole chicken is stuffed with eggs and cooked in an aromatic mix of masalas. It can be made as a dry preparation or in the form of gravy. In Lauki Musallam, bottle gourd replaces the chicken, and potatoes replace the eggs as the stuffing. This veg version is equally regal and impressive.
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Lauki or bottle gourd adds freshness and nutrients to this dish. Photo Credit: iStock

Is Lauki Musallam Healthy?

Most Musallam dishes are known to have rich ingredients that tend to add calories. This includes extra ghee, cream, khoya, etc. Lauki Musallam is no different and should be considered an occasional treat. However, the version below is healthier than others as the lauki is only pan-fried and not deep-fried. Moreover, if you’re dieting, you can skip the use of khoya. The other ingredients will ensure the gravy still turns out thick. In general, the use of veggies, spices, dry fruits, and nuts ensures this dish is actually rich in nutrients. So now you have all the more reason to try it:
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How To Make Lauki Musallam At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Bottle Gourd Mussallam


This dish also uses nuts and dry fruits to add richness. Photo Credit: iStock

Scoop out the seeds from cut and peeled bottle gourd (lauki) pieces. Marinate them in a mixture of ginger and garlic paste, lemon juice, and spices for a few minutes. Later, pan-fry them until golden brown. Heat ghee in another pan and sauté chopped onions. Next, add ginger, green chillies, khoya, almonds, and other dry fruits. Add boiled potatoes and salt. Once cooked, allow this mixture to cool and then stuff it inside the fried bottle gourd pieces.

In a pan, heat ghee and then add cashew paste, whisked yogurt, salt, and a range of spice powders. Add water as required to make a thick gravy. Stir well and then add the bottle gourd pieces. Enjoy hot.

Click here for the complete recipe for Lauki Musallam.

Try making Lauki Musallam for your next special lunch or dinner and let us know how you like it!
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