Love Murmura Bhel? Then Try Girmit, A Street-Style Recipe From Karnataka

Love Murmura Bhel? Then Try Girmit, A Street-Style Recipe From Karnataka

Bhel puri lovers, don’t you enjoy the crunchy airiness of murmura? Also known as kurmura or puffed rice, this is the ingredient that lends many versions of bhel its distinctive texture. There are many ways to use murmura while cooking. But if it’s another type of bhel-like treat you’re after, we have got a special recipe for you. Technically, this delicacy is not exactly a bhel, but it is equally – if not more – satisfying. Wondering what we’re talking about? We present to you: the yummy and wholesome street-style dish known as Girmit. Find out more about it below:
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What Is Girmit?

Girmit is a puffed rice dish from Karnataka. It is said to be especially popular as a street food item. Girmit combines murmura with a cooked mixture consisting of onions, tamarind, masalas and basic tadka ingredients. Peanuts and sev add to the irresistible texture of this dish. Girmit is a wonderful option for your evening snack time, or even as an appetiser before your main meal. It can be prepared in just 15-20 minutes. Girmit doesn’t require you to prepare chutneys for added flavour. Rather, the tanginess and spiciness come directly from the other ingredients. This not only makes the dish different from bhel but also quicker to cook.
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Bhel puri needs chutneys but girmit doesn’t. Photo Credit: iStock

How To Make Girmit At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Karnataka-Style Girmit

Roast chana dal lightly and grind to make a fine powder. Set aside. In a kadhai, heat oil and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies and onion. Saute and add salt along with spice masalas. Next, add tamarind pulp, jaggery powder and a little hot water. Stir this mixture and let it cook for some time.

Take a large bowl, and add a generous amount of kurmura, followed by the masala mixture prepared earlier. Add the powdered chana dal, onion, tomato, coriander leaves and peanuts. Mix all the elements thoroughly. Top the dish with sev and lemon juice. Dig in immediately, or the kurmura will turn soggy!

Click here for the detailed recipe for street-style Girmit

The next time you’re planning to make bhel, surprise your family and guests with this Karnataka-style Girmit. We’ll be waiting to hear how they react!

Did you know that kurmura can also be used to make other unique dishes? You can use it to make poha, idli and even tikkis! And you don’t have to rely on store-bought kurmura, which may have extra salt or additives. You can prepare it at home from scratch. Find out how here.

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