Love Sizzlers? Order On NDTV Big Bonus App This Weekend And Enjoy Exciting Rewards

Love Sizzlers? Order On NDTV Big Bonus App This Weekend And Enjoy Exciting Rewards

Weekends offer the perfect opportunity for self-pampering. After all the hard work we put in throughout the week, we surely deserve this time. As the weekend is approaching, there’s no better way to enjoy it than by treating your taste buds to some indulgent food. However, with so many options at our fingertips, it can be quite confusing what to order. To make things simpler,  we’ve got you covered with an impressive range of sizzlers from Wow! China. The enticing aroma and delectable taste of sizzlers make them the ultimate weekend treat. Sit back, order and relish them in the comfort of your home. The best part is that if you use the NDTV Big Bonus App, you receive gift coupons on your purchases and up to 5% reward on the app. Download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app and link your bank cards to earn the rewards. Don’t worry, linking your credit and debit cards to the app is completely secure so you better make the most of your order and earn while you do. 
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Here Are 5 Mouth-Watering Sizzlers To Indulge In This Weekend:

1. Veggie Overload Sizzler

Veggie lovers, rejoice! This yummy sizzler includes a wide range of colourful vegetables such as carrots, beans, capsicum, cauliflower, etc. The tomato gravy adds a kick of tangy flavour to it. Indulge in this veggie sizzler for the perfect weekend treat.

2. Chicken Overload Sizzler

If chicken is on your mind, look no further than this lip-smacking chicken overload sizzler. Staying true to its name, it is overloaded with juicy and succulent pieces of chicken and promises a burst of flavour in every bite.

3. Veggie And Paneer Wow Sizzler

Not a fan of too many vegetables? Don’t worry; you can order one with paneer as well. The crunchiness of the veggies and the soft texture of the paneer blend in perfect harmony with each other. Each bite of this yummy sizzler will leave you craving more.
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4. Chicken Schezwan Sizzler

If you’re a fan of all things spicy, you’ll absolutely love this chicken schezwan sizzler. Juicy chicken pieces are coated in spicy schezwan sauce and served along with steamed rice or noodles. Order it for a wholesome dinner and enjoy!

5. Fish And Prawn Sizzler

We have something exciting for seafood lovers as well. This delectable sizzler includes a combination of fish and prawns. They are tossed in flavourful sauces and served along with assorted veggies. Once you try it out, it’ll become your new favourite.

Make your weekend indulgent by feasting on these irresistible sizzlers. So, hurry up and download the NDTV Big Bonus App from the App Store or Google Play, register on the app, and link your bank cards to collect up to 5% rewards and discount coupons while you shop. You just need to spend a minimum amount to earn these rewards. Once you link your cards to the app, you will increase your vINR balance whenever you use the same cards. The rewards you get with NDTV Big Bonus, are over and above any amount you receive from any credit card or bank rewards program and this vINR balance can be used to shop at any of the brands listed on the app.

Disclaimer: NDTV Is A Media Partner Providing Certain Promotional Services To Enigmatic Smile India Rewards Private Limited For Its Application.

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