Masaba Gupta’s Cooking Is Giving Us Motivation To Get In The Kitchen

ui4cq9s masaba Masaba Gupta's Cooking Is Giving Us Motivation To Get In The Kitchen

Ace fashion designer and actor Masaba Gupta is known for her amazing knowledge of the fashion world and how she interprets the designs with her own fashion aesthetic. However, style is not the only thing on her radar. Those who follow Masaba Gupta closely would know that she is a thorough food-lover and can’t do without amazing food in her life. Whether its home-cooked comfort food or a cheat meal at a restaurant, there is so much food on Masaba Gupta’s Instagram feed that there is an entire highlight dedicated to it. While we all know how much she loves to eat, Masaba Gupta recently donned the chef’s hat too. Take a look at the amazing meal that she cooked herself at home:


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Masaba Gupta was quite honest about the fact that she does not cook that frequently. However, this time, when she did, she managed to make a wholesome feast that could feed her entire family! “Once in a quarter, I like to cook up a storm and it’s mostly Italian,” she wrote in the caption of her story. In the photograph, we could see two different kinds of pastas – one was Rigatoni cooked in tomato sauce with lots of parmesan cheese, while the other one seemed to be Spaghetti tossed in pesto sauce. There was also some interesting dishes on the appetisers front including herbed Hasselback potatoes, a stir-fry veggie dish topped with peanuts and a pesto-flavoured yogurt dip. The entire meal looked so delicious and the fact that it was completely home-cooked added to the charm.
We would definitely love to see more such pictures from Masaba Gupta’s kitchens! The designer has totally inspired us to get cooking this weekend. If you are looking for some wonderful Italian recipes for weekend indulgence, we have just what you need. These vegetarian recipes will offer a gamut of flavours and make your Italian feast a wholesome one. Click here for the recipes.

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