Not Cheese Burger, ‘Water Burger’ Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend On The Block

9o3f1s4 water Not Cheese Burger, 'Water Burger' Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend On The Block

9o3f1s4 water Not Cheese Burger, 'Water Burger' Is The Latest Bizarre Food Trend On The Block

The internet has a plethora of food trends and quick hacks that we often encounter. Sometimes, these tricks teach us how to cook some food more efficiently and make it tastier. For instance, recently, a viral food hack showed us how to make a wrap with multiple layers in it. Now, another similar food trend has surfaced on social media which shows a new way to cook burgers by submerging them in water. Yes, you heard that right! The trend called ‘water burger’ has taken the internet by surprise as it is quite bizarre. Take a look:

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The video was originally posted by an Instagram page called @JoshandMomma. “Momma makes Water Burgers. Anyone else ever try these,” read the caption to the post. It is basically a way of cooking the patties used in burgers. Rather than grilling or shallow-frying them as is usual, the blogger submerges them in water and then boils them. This is claimed to make the patty soft and juicy and add a whole new layer of flavour to the burger. It is said that it also distributes the flavour evenly.
This new bizarre food trend did not go down well with internet users. Many of them felt that the trick was quite unnecessary and the burgers would actually turn out soggy instead of juicy. Some also said that the woman could have added some seasoning to the burger to add even more flavour to it. “She could at least put salt and pepper on the things,” wrote one user. Meanwhile, MasterChef judge Graham Elliot also had previously suggested an alternative trick to Fox News – about using an ice cube in the centre of the patty to make it juicier instead of a whole pan of water. 
Others felt that it was simply a way to get more views and grab eyeballs on the internet. “There are so many clips of this woman making horrific food. At this point it’s time to admit this is a gimmick,” said one user.
What did you think of the bizarre ‘water burger’ trend? Would you try it? Tell us in the comments. 

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