Oil Spills Ruining Your Cooking Vibes? Try These 5 Easy-Peasy Hacks

There are numerous kitchen chores we perform on a daily basis. While some garner attention with people from across the globe discussing them, others remain completely overlooked. One such situation undoubtedly involves oil spillage. Let’s admit it; we’ve all been in a situation where we inadvertently spilt oil everywhere while pouring it into a container. It turns into a total mess, leading us to spend extra hours cleaning the kitchen. But what if we told you that this situation can be prevented from the outset? In other words, you can entirely evade those unwanted oil spillages and make your life more convenient and hassle-free. Sounds great, doesn’t it? All you need to do is follow some basic hacks while filling the oil container – that’s it, and your task will be accomplished seamlessly! And guess what? Today, we will share those ingenious kitchen tips with you. So, grab a pen and paper, and start taking notes.
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5 Simple Steps To Follow While Filling the Oil Container:

1. Cut a small hole in the oil packet:

Take a pair of scissors and create a small cut at the edge of one of the corners of the packet. The cut should be really small to help you maintain control over the flow and amount of oil you are pouring.

2. Choose the right type of container:

This is a crucial step that can assist you in preventing oil spillage both while filling the container and pouring oil during cooking. Ideally, the container should have a wide mouth with a narrow extension attached to it. The wide mouth facilitates easy filling, while the narrow opening helps regulate the amount of oil you are adding to the food.

3. Pour the oil gently:

Filling the container requires patience. You need to gently tilt the oil packet and slowly pour the oil to avoid any spillage. Additionally, hold the packet close to the container to minimize the distance the oil travels from the packet to the container.

4. Use a funnel:

This is arguably the safest tip to follow. Acquire an oil funnel from a nearby store, place it at the mouth of the container, and pour the oil through it. In this case, ensure the funnel is clean and dry each time to avoid any contamination.

5. Place a bowl beneath the container:

Regardless of the method you use for pouring oil, always keep a bowl beneath the container. This way, if any oil spills, it will be collected in the bowl, which you can use when preparing your next meal.
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Photo Credit: iStock

Bonus Tip:

Now that you have filled the container, make sure to wipe the outer surface with a napkin. Having even a small amount of oil on the outer surface attracts dirt and germs, making it appear unclean. Furthermore, wrap the mouth of the container with a thick layer of paper towel and secure it with a rubber band. This way, any oil that drips from the container while pouring will be absorbed, keeping the bottle clean and clear.
Keep these tips handy, follow them diligently, and simplify your daily routine. Have a great day!

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