On A Weight Loss Diet? Try This Bottle Gourd Dosa Recipe To Reach Your Goal

tmsvqgt8 masala On A Weight Loss Diet? Try This Bottle Gourd Dosa Recipe To Reach Your Goal

South Indian cuisine is all about love, especially dosa. There is something comforting about this dish that honestly soothes our souls. But apart from that, when crispy dosa is dipped in flavourful sambar, it makes our tummies do the happy dance with just one bite. Now, a normal dosa is prepared with three parts rice to one part urad dal, which means we get more carbs than protein. This deprives people on a weight loss diet from enjoying this lip-smacking dish. But how would you react if we told you that now dosa can help you ‘lose weight’? Nutritionist Jonna Priyanka has dropped a clip of a special recipe for bottle gourd dosa. In the video, she demonstrates how to make this healthy version of dosa.
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She shared the clip along with a detailed note that read, “Can we eat dosa when trying to lose weight? When it comes to diet, the first thing that comes to mind is that carbohydrates should be avoided. Well, the half-truth is always dangerous. The fact is, when eaten in the right portions, it helps in losing weight and improving health. Now, our normal dosa is basically made with 3 parts rice to 1 part urad dal, which means it has less protein and more carbs.'”


Continuing further, Jonna Priyanka explained how her recipe aids in weight loss. She said, “When trying to lose weight, we normally get into a calorie deficit, which means eating less than what is required by the body. In such scenarios, we should always look for more nutritious food options. For example, instead of normal dosa, try out this bottle gourd moong dal dosa. You get more protein and more fiber along with carbs. Choosing the right grains is much more important than opting for simple grains. You can be creative in making dishes and make them more nutritious, just like how I did.”
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The clip opens with the nutritionist soaking the lentils and rice together for four hours. Then, she blends it with chopped bottle gourd, coriander, ginger, and chili into a smooth batter, appearing like a thick paste. Next, she spreads the paste evenly on a griddle and roasts it with a little oil. Wait until it’s golden brown, and then flip it to the other side. Your bottle gourd dosa is ready; enjoy it with the chutney of your choice. Take a look:

Just like this bottle gourd dosa, we bring you yet another dosa recipe that is a powerhouse of nutrients. If you are looking to increase your protein intake, then here is a dosa recipe prepared with two dals. The best part is that people following veganism can also enjoy it.

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