Overeating, No More! Expert Shares A Quick Hack To Control Your Portions

Overeating, No More! Expert Shares A Quick Hack To Control Your Portions

Overeating, No More! Expert Shares A Quick Hack To Control Your Portions

Let’s agree, we all have tried losing weight at some point in life and it’s not at all a bed of roses. You need enough time, dedication and patience to bid adieu to those love handles effectively. It gets even tougher if you are a foodie like us. While it is okay to cheat at times and treat yourself to decadent delicacies, eating out of your limits can have a negative effect on your health. Overeating will not only add extra kilos to your body but may also lead to associated health troubles including high blood pressure, and cholesterol amongst others. Fret not, we have got you covered. We got you a super easy hack that will prevent you from eating more than your appetite. But to get to that, you need to first understand when it is time to draw the lines and stop eating.

How To Understand You Are Overeating?

To put it simply, overeating is a classic instance of ‘eyes growing bigger than your stomach’ – it is a phenomenon when you eat more than your body requires. This majorly happens due to two reasons:
Reason 1: When you controlled your hunger for a long and got food after a long gap.
Reason 2: When you have been craving something for a long time, but avoided it for various reasons.
Whatever the reason, it ends up expanding your stomach beyond normal size and accumulates fat in the gap. Moreover, it also creates discomfort in your body, often leading to indigestion, acidity, bloating and other digestive troubles. You can easily determine the situation with the feeling of fullness, or you can always consult an expert to know your daily nutrient intake and keep a count accordingly.

How To Prevent Overeating | Quick Hack To Prevent Overeating:

Ideally, you should eat meals at regular intervals and burn it out properly to prevent eating more than your capacity. But if you are hungry and sat for a meal after a long gap, then take a glass of water alongside, suggests celebrity nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal. She took to Instagram to share a post, featuring her quick tip for the ones who tend to overeat but are trying hard to shed kilos.
According to Ms Ganeriwal, you should keep sipping water while having your meals – this will help you slow down and feel fuller as you go. “And if you want to boost digestion, make sure the water is lukewarm and add some lemon and ginger juice to it,” she explains.
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How Luke Warm Water Helps Control Appetite And Promote Digestion:

Water is considered a natural appetite suppressant. It takes up the space in your stomach, making you feel full, further reducing hunger. Besides, it also prevents dehydration which is considered one of the major factors for untimely hunger pangs.
Warm water also helps break the fat and promotes detoxification in the body, making it easier for you to digest the food you are eating. It breaks down the nutrients and helps you make the most of it, further preventing fat accumulation in the body.

Why Should You Add Ginger And Lemon Juice In Luke Warm Water:

How ginger promotes digestion:

Ginger contains gingerol – an important dietary agent that possesses a carminative effect, reducing the risks of bloating, intestinal cramping and other gut issues. It also helps secrete pancreatic enzymes that further boost digestion.

How lemon promotes digestion:

A storehouse of vitamin C and antioxidants, lemon is known for its detoxifying effects that further promote all bodily functions. Moreover, the citric acid found in lemon juice has been shown to boost the secretion of digestive fluids that helps your body to break down nutrients easily.
Now that you have the tip handy, we say, follow it well and enjoy your food worry-free.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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