Presenting A Unique And Refreshing Dal Recipe – Dahiwali Toor Dal Is A Must-Try

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If we talk about Indian comfort food, few dishes can match the heartwarming charm of the humble dal. Dal-chawal or dal-roti is our go-to for a healthy and hearty meal, which can never get boring. But anything that brings newness to it is welcome. Toor dal, also called arhar dal and tuvar dal, is loved all across the country and we gave it a tangy makeover with the addition of curd. This creamy and flavourful dal is a culinary delight that brings together the goodness of toor dal and the tanginess of curd (dahi) creating a fantastic dish for your palate. Dahiwali toor dal has become a beloved dish in India and beyond, celebrated for its simplicity, nourishment, and undeniable taste. 

Popularity Of Toor Dal 

India’s fertile lands have been blessed with an abundance of toor dal, making it a staple ingredient in traditional cuisine. In the scorching heat that envelops the country most of the time, the cooling properties of curd marry perfectly with the hearty, protein-packed goodness of toor dal, giving birth to the iconic Dahiwali Toor Dal. 

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The Magic of Dahiwali Toor Dal 

What makes Dahiwali Toor Dal truly magical is its exquisite balance of flavours and textures. The nutty and earthy taste of toor dal complements the tangy and refreshing notes of curd. The use of fragrant spices, such as cumin, mustard seeds, and asafoetida, elevates the dish. 

Why You Must Try Dahiwali Toor Dal: 

Beyond its delectable taste, Dahiwali Toor Dal is a nutritional powerhouse that brings a multitude of health benefits to the table. Toor dal is rich in protein, dietary fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals. The addition of curd provides probiotics, promoting good gut health and aiding digestion. Together, they form a wholesome and balanced meal that nourishes both body and soul. 

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Toor Dal is commonly made in Indian households.
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How To Make Dahiwali Toor Dal I Dahiwali Toor Dal Recipe: 

The recipe is quite simple. Toor dal is simmered to a velvety consistency, absorbing the essence of the spices, and then blended with the creamy curd, creating a luscious and comforting texture. The final touch of tempering of aromatic spices in ghee (clarified butter) adds an extra layer of flavour. 

Click here for the step-by-step recipe for toor dal.  

Don’t forget to garnish the dal with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with steamed rice, roti, naan or any Indian bread.  

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