Rice It Up! Strain The Rice Water Properly With This Smart Hack – Check It Now

Rice It Up! Strain The Rice Water Properly With This Smart Hack - Check It Now

Rice is a staple for most people in India. It is affordable, accessible and helps you put together a wholesome meal in no time. Unfortunately, it also comes with its fair share of controversy and due to the excess starch content, rice is often labelled unhealthy. However, experts from across the globe suggest, if cooked in the right way and taken in right amount, rice loads you up with several health benefitting properties – it is enriched with fibre, easy to digest and keeps you full for long. While we recommend consulting an expert to understand the perfect quantity of rice for you, in this article, we will show you how to make it properly.
The key is to avoid the starch as much as possible. Hence, the best practice is to drain out the rice water after cooking. Now you must be wondering how to drain out the water, given it’s too hot to handle. That’s where we come to your rescue. We have got you the two popular ways to strain the excess rice water to enjoy it, guilt-free.
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Why Is It Important To Drain Rice Water?

You will often see people making rice in pressure cooker and rice cooker, where the water is completely absorbed in the dish. But that’s not at all a healthy practice, especially for the ones who eat it on a regular basis. Hence, we suggest cooking rice in a pot with enough water; the water absorbs the starch from the rice, which if drained, makes it fluffy and light on stomach. On the other hand, absorption of water retains all the starch, making the rice heavier.

How To Strain The Rice Water Properly:

Start with cleaning the raw rice well to discard the impurities. Then throw it in a pot of boiling water and let it cook. Once done, drain it using the following techniques.

Technique 1. The age-old method:

This process is widely followed by the elders at home. For this, you need to cook the rice in a pot with flat lid. When the rice is ready, switch of the flame, cover the lid and hold it from both the sides with two heavy pieces of clothes. Now tilt the pot on the sink and let the water drain out slowly. Remember to open the tap water to avoid the sink pipe from getting ruined due to hot rice water.

Technique 2. Use a strainer:

This method is super simple. Take a stainless-steel strainer, place it on another bowl and drain out the rice water slowly. Keep the rice in the strainer for some time to let it dry up properly. You can use another easy process. Place the strainer on the rice pot and drain out the water slowly.

Bonus Tip: Store The Rice Water:

Did you know, rice water can be used in various other ways in your daily life? It is suggested to not have the water-soaked rice, but you can always use it for various health and beauty purposes. According to Macrobiotic Health Coach and Nutritionist Shilpa Arora, “The leftover starch after making rice is full of nutrients like vitamin B, C and various essential minerals. They all come together to benefit your skin, hair and more.” Click here for details on benefits and use of rice water.

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