Steve Harvey Found His Burger Lookalike. Don’t Believe Us? Check This Viral Post

Burgers, the unanimous fast-food favourite, hold a special place in almost every foodie’s heart. Recently, among the food trends that have taken the internet by storm, one viral post features the humble burger as well. A particular burger post has set Twitter on fire for a very bizarre reason. The burger, the internet claims, bears a striking resemblance to none other than beloved comedian, Steve Harvey. Yes, you read that right. This burger’s uncanny resemblance to the international personality has left Twitter buzzing with amusement and curiosity.
In the viral tweet, a user shared a picture of her burger, and it immediately caught everyone’s attention. Between the two buns sat a juicy patty, topped with big, juicy slices of raw onions. The resemblance was unreal—it looked just like Steve Harvey’s infectious smile; the user felt. Amused by this uncanny similarity, she wondered in the caption why she was given such generous onion slices, while playfully declaring, “My burger looks like Steve Harvey!” 
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Take a look at the tweet below:

(Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Twitter user.)
The internet couldn’t resist the hilarity of the comparison, and the post quickly became a hit, spreading smiles and laughter all around. 
“Why do I see it,” wrote one person.

Another humorously added, “And I thought goldfish was the only snack that smiles back.” 

Someone else playfully commented, “I can’t unsee it now”

“Before even reading the tweet, I thought I saw that burger smiling,” wrote another person.

One witty remark said, “Hahaha who ordered the onion burger”

The viral tweet garnered so much attention that hundreds of people tagged Steve Harvey in the post. In response, he humorously tweeted the snapshot of the post, writing, “Stop sending me this $!&#” along with a laughing emoji.

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