Street Vendor Makes Bizarre Fried Idli, Internet Calls It “Disaster”

Street Vendor Makes Bizarre Fried Idli, Internet Calls It "Disaster"

Street Vendor Makes Bizarre Fried Idli, Internet Calls It "Disaster"

Food experiments are all the rage on the internet. Whenever something new emerges, food lovers don’t hold back – they quickly share their candid thoughts. Initially, it was mostly Italian or Chinese dishes receiving desi makeovers. However, more recently, even Indian favourites like pani puri and dosa have undergone some rather unusual twists. And can you guess the latest dish to join this trend? It’s the humble idli. A video is circulating on Twitter showing idlis being stuffed and then fried. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The caption of the post reads, “An idli that isn’t quite an idli. Badalte bharat ki badli hui idli [The transformed Idli of a changing India].”
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In this video, we can observe a vendor picking up a piece of idli and generously adding a substantial amount of aloo masala on top. He then takes another idli and creates a sandwich, encasing the masala between the two pieces. Afterward, he dips the idli sandwich into what appears to be gram flour batter, thoroughly coating it. To serve, he positions the fried idli on a plate and drizzles some sambar on top. The dish was accompanied by coconut and tomato dips. Watch the full video below:

This food experiment video garnered hundreds of views and elicited numerous candid opinions in the comment section. One user wrote, “Turning nutritious ingredients into unhealthy food.”

“Ese badlega toh pura desh cholesterol se grasit ho jayega [If this continues, the entire country will become laden with cholesterol.]”, added another.
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A person wrote, “Who does this to all the recipes and why!”

Someone criticised by stating, “Turning mostly healthy food into a disaster.”

What are your thoughts on this fried idli dish? Tell us in the comments section below.

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