This Easy Karela Tikki Can Help You Lose Weight, Manage Diabetes, and More

Do you cringe when faced with karela? We all understand that bitter gourd is beneficial for us, yet it’s not exactly our favourite. Karela is renowned for its bitterness, but with a clever approach to cooking, you’ll discover it’s not as repulsive as it seems. In fact, it might even be deemed delicious! If you’re seeking an innovative method to enjoy karela, we’ve got a simple recipe for you: karela tikki. This flavoursome tikki is a wholesome snack you shouldn’t overlook. Learn more about it below:
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Why Is Karela Tikki Beneficial for Your Health? Key Benefits to Recognize:


Karela comes with a wide range of health benefits. Photo Credit: iStock

1. Supports Weight Loss

This tikki is crafted using high-fibre ingredients that provide prolonged satiety. Since it’s merely pan-fried, it contains fewer calories and fats compared to deep-fried snacks. As a result, karela tikki can be a valuable inclusion in your weight loss regimen.

2. Aids in Managing Blood Sugar Levels

This tikki can also be embraced as part of a diabetes-friendly diet. Individuals with diabetes are often recommended to consume karela juice for its manifold advantages. However, this tikki offers an alternative way to harness those benefits. The other primary ingredients in this tikki-paneer, besan, vegetables, and spices-are all suitable for diabetics. Just be mindful of the salt content.

3. Abundant in Nutrients

Even if you’re not strictly dieting, indulging in this tikki is a wise consideration. Each ingredient is teeming with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can elevate your overall well-being.
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So why wait? Explore the recipe for this nourishing vegetable tikki below:

How to Prepare Healthy Karela Tikki at Home | Effortless Recipe for Karela Snack Beneficial for Weight Loss and Diabetes


These veg tikkis are packed with fibre and nutrients. Photo Credit: iStock

Begin by thoroughly washing the karela and grating its outer layer. Set the inner part aside, which can be utilized for making sabzis and other dishes. Grind the grated karela to achieve a coarse mixture. Combine it with a dash of salt and allow it to rest. Subsequently, squeeze out excess water from the mixture and transfer the karela to a spacious bowl.

Blend the karela with minced ginger, garlic, chillies, and vegetables. Incorporate grated paneer, ajwain seeds, spice masalas, and salt. Finally, add besan and thoroughly mix all the components. Shape small portions of the prepared karela mixture into tikkis. Pan-fry them over medium heat until they acquire a golden brown hue.

For a detailed Karela Tikkis recipe, click here.

The next time you seek a healthful and uncomplicated snack option, opt for these karela tikkis. Share your feedback with us – let us know your thoughts!
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