This Indian Kebab Made It To The List Of ’50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World’

This Indian Kebab Made It To The List Of '50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World'

This Indian Kebab Made It To The List Of '50 Best Lamb Dishes In The World'

Apart from chicken, non-vegetarians also love feasting on lamb dishes. Juicy, succulent lamb can be enjoyed in a wide variety of treats, ranging from the ever-popular kebabs and chops to biryanis, soups, gravies and much more. If you’re looking for yummy lamb delicacies to try from around the world, here’s a starting point: TasteAtlas’s recent list of the ’50 Best Lamb Dishes in the World.’ We were glad to note that two popular Indian dishes made it to this prestigious list. After all, these lip-smacking foods deserve to be in the global spotlight.
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Turkey predominates the list, with 6 Turkish lamb delicacies being ranked among the top 20. In fact, the list itself is topped by two of them: iskender kebap and cag kebabi. Greece is another country with multiple dishes on the list. As for India, the delicious rogan josh has been ranked 23rd whereas the mouthwatering galouti kebab occupies the 26th position. Take a look at the complete list below:

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How To Make Rogan Josh – One Of The Best Lamb Dishes In The World

Rogan Josh is an aromatic curry and is one of the most famous delights of Kashmiri cuisine. According to TasteAtlas, “the name of the dish is derived from two words: Rogan, meaning clarified butter or oil, and josh, referring to passion or heat.” Rogan Josh can be easily prepared at home. Remember to pack a lot of flavour with the help of onions, ginger, garlic and whole spices. You can use dahi to give it a nice, thick texture. Here’s an easy version of the recipe.

How To Make Galouti Kebab – One Of The Best Lamb Dishes In The World

Galouti Kebabs are beautifully tender kebabs, which are usually round and slightly flattened in shape. They have an irresistible flavour, thanks to the use of a wide range of spices while marinating the minced meat. Garlic, coconut, papaya, poppy seeds as well as whole spices like cardamom, peppercorns, cinnamon, etc. are just some of the ingredients used for the marinade. Doesn’t that already sound tempting? Read the complete recipe here.

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