Tired Of Greasy Oil Bottles? 5 Quick Tips To Keep Them Sparkling Clean

vv4s1438 oil Tired Of Greasy Oil Bottles? 5 Quick Tips To Keep Them Sparkling Clean

Look around your kitchen, and the first thing you will find all dirty is an oil dispenser or bottle. And why not? Every time we use oil, some of it drips off the bottle, making it oily and greasy, which further attracts dirt and germs from the surroundings. It’s not only unhygienic, but the sight can be extremely off-putting too, ruining the whole vibe of your well-organized kitchen. This is why we prefer cleaning the oil bottles at regular intervals to keep them shiny and polished all the time. In this article, we will share some of our tried-and-tested tips to clean an oil dispenser thoroughly. Read on.

Here are 5 Quick Tips To Clean an Oil Dispenser Thoroughly:

1. Clean with hot water:

Start by cleaning the empty bottle well with hot water. This will help remove the excess oil stuck at the bottom of the bottle.

2. Wipe the oil off:

Take a clean tissue paper or kitchen towel and wipe off the excess oil in the hidden corners of the bottle cap and the rim of the bottle.
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3. Soak in dishwashing liquid:

Mix some dishwashing soap or liquid in hot water and fill the bottle with it. Let it sit for some time, and then shake the bottle well and rinse. If you have a bottle-cleaning brush, you may also use it to scrub it before rinsing.

4. Rinse with lemon water or vinegar water:

It is important to clean the bottle once more with some citric acid to remove germs and odour completely. Mix lemon juice or white vinegar with some water and rinse well.

5. Dry it up:

This step is equally important. Pouring oil into a wet bottle not only ruins its texture but also makes it useless for cooking purposes. Besides, the oil also loses aroma and nutrients in the process.

Bonus Tip: How To Prevent Oil From Sticking Outside The Bottle:

What if we told you that you can completely avoid oil from sticking to the bottle while pouring?! That’s right. Just when you pour oil into a clean bottle, cover the neck area of the bottle with a thick layer of tissue and hold it tight with a rubber band. This will help the excess oil to absorb in the tissue, without making the bottle look dirty and sticky.
Now that you have the tips handy, follow them well and keep oil bottles clean and shiny every day. If you have any other tips for cleaning oil bottles, then share them with us in the comments below.

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