UK Woman Purchases 48 Packets Of Peanut While On Flight – Here’s Why

p191s6uo peanuts UK Woman Purchases 48 Packets Of Peanut While On Flight - Here's Why

Living with a food allergy comes with its own set of obstacles and ordeals. One of the most common allergies all over the world is the peanut allergy. Millions of people suffer from severe reactions to this nut, which is why many food packages come with warnings when they contain nuts or traces of nut products. The reactions may be mild to severe depending upon the exposure. Recently, a UK woman, who has a peanut allergy, was in for a shocking experience on her flight. Leah Williams had to purchase 48 packets of peanuts due to her nut allergy.
The 27-year-old Leah Williams was on a flight from Dusseldorf, Germany to London, UK, on July 13. As per a report by Insider, she has a severe peanut allergy and is prone to an anaphylactic shock when peanuts are anywhere near her. She had previously travelled on another flight and experienced a strong reaction when someone opened a packet of peanuts close to her. Williams decided to take no risk on this flight concerning her allergy. She requested the flight attendant to make an announcement about her allergy and refuse to serve nuts during the flight. However, the cabin crew told her this was against the flight’s policy even though they had done the same on the flight she took from London to Dusseldorf on the same morning.
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A passenger on the flight was caused a lot of inconvenience due to her peanut allergy. Photo Credit: iStock (representational)

Thus, Williams took matters into her own hands and bought all the peanut packets that were on the flight. “I’ll buy them all so you can’t serve them. I don’t care how much it is. If you’re not willing to help me this is the only thing I can do,” she told the flight crew as per the Insider report. She purchased 48 packets of peanuts for USD 185 (or Rs 15,316 approx.) and got the flight crew to keep them inside a plastic packet away from the passengers.
As per Mirror, the nuts ended up costing her nearly three times the price of the ticket. Williams now wants a refund for the nuts from the airlines. “Eurowings should be ashamed of how they handled this situation and for the way they made me feel,” Williams stated in the report. The staff later asked her if she wanted to take the packet with her, to which she refused.

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