US App Is Looking For A ‘Pizza Influencer’ – “Can Do It For Free,” Says Internet

mt98218 pizza US App Is Looking For A 'Pizza Influencer' - "Can Do It For Free," Says Internet

mt98218 pizza US App Is Looking For A 'Pizza Influencer' - "Can Do It For Free," Says Internet

In the 21st century, the types of jobs we pursue and the career paths we choose are constantly evolving. With the rise of AI taking over certain roles, new opportunities are emerging in various fields. Traditional job constraints no longer bind individuals, allowing them to blend their passions with their professions. If you share our unyielding love for pizza, we have fantastic news for you! An online pizza-ordering app based in the US is currently seeking a pizza influencer, and the role even comes with a pizza stipend!

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The job posting was shared by the popular US-based pizza app ‘Slice’ on their official website. They are looking for a pizza influencer preferably based in New York City but is open to other major US metro cities as well. “As a member of the Marketing team, you will create social media content (primarily TikTok & Instagram Reels style videos) that celebrates pizza, pizzeria owners, and pizza eaters alike,” read the job description on the official website. Apart from a salary of USD 85,000 or INR 69 Lakhs approximately, the job also comes with an interesting set of perks including a weekly pizza stipend!
A number of Twitter users were intrigued by the job opening for pizza influencers. Several felt that it was a dream job and they wanted to apply immediately. “This is a dream job,” said one user while another wrote, “Today in job listings I can’t believe exist!” Take a look at the reactions:

This is not the only job in the world of food which has generated interest online. In the month of June 2023, a job opening was searching for a professional cheese taster. Click here to know all about it.

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