Video Of Gulab Jamun Dosa Surfaces Online, Twitter Calls It “Positively Ghastly”

qh2ok568 gulab jamun Video Of Gulab Jamun Dosa Surfaces Online, Twitter Calls It "Positively Ghastly"

qh2ok568 gulab jamun Video Of Gulab Jamun Dosa Surfaces Online, Twitter Calls It "Positively Ghastly"

Crispy, paper-thin crepe often served with aloo masala, and mandatory portions of sambar and coconut chutney — presenting a drool-worthy platter of dosa. It is light, wholesome and can be relished at any time of the day. Though dosa has its roots in South Indian cuisine, today the popularity of the dish goes beyond the state. Maybe our undying love for this South Indian dish has made it a prime victim of bizarre food concoctions. From fruit dosa, mouth-freshner dosa to aamras dosa, we have seen it all. But, the Internet has once again managed to surprise us. Latest bizarre pairing, you ask? It’s Gulab Jamun and ice cream dosa. 

The video, shared on Twitter, opens with a street vendor popping in some small-size gulab jamuns on a dosa, placed on a hot plate. He smashed the gulab jamuns and spread them evenly. Next, the vendor finished off the sweet delicacy with crushed nuts, a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a gulab jamun on top. “Will you eat this,” questioned the tweet. 

Check out the video here:

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While many termed the video “positively ghastly,” some volunteered to give this strange sweet and savoury combination a try. 

One of the users wrote, “Gulab jamun ice cream crepe. I will give it a try.”

“Hope they don’t take chutney and sambhar as sides,” read a tweet. 

Another tweeted, “How can I unsee it now? You ruined the two most favourite dishes for me.” 

One person said, “They have killed dosa.”

Some wondered if people actually eat such bizarre combinations or if it is just restricted to Reels. “I wonder if they actually eat this thing or if it is just for reel.” 

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Inspired by the viral videos of bizarre food combinations, a blogger, named Tanvi Gor, created a unique food pairing with Maggi and dosa. If you are wondering why the dosa was filled with Maggi, you have got it wrong. Instead, the dosa was prepared by finely grinding maggi to a powder. Read the full story here. 

What did you think of these strange dosas? Tell us in the comments. 

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