Wait, What? This Broomstick With Nutrition Chart Goes Viral

One thumb rule to keep your physical health in check is to track your daily calorie intake. This is why, many packaged foods carry nutrition charts, helping fitness enthusiasts keep a count of the calories. Nutrition charts are only limited to food items, or so we thought. Now, it turns out that a cleanliness freak is also supposed to keep an eye on the “calorie chart”. We are talking about a photograph of a broomstick with a complete nutrition chart which has gone viral. The internet is having a field day, cracking jokes on the broomstick.

As bizarre as it may sound, just a glance at it will leave you ROFL. The image, shared by a Twitter user, appears to have been captured at a general store. The pic shows a few neatly packaged broomsticks kept together, with a surprising addition. The packaging carried proper “nutrition facts”. What is more hilarious is the fact that just below the title the text read, “15 servings per container.” 

If that wasn’t funny enough, you must know that each broomstick carries “150 calories per servings.” In addition, it has 13% total fat”, which includes “5% saturated fat.” While the broomstick won’t increase cholesterol, it carries “7% sodium, 6% carbohydrate, 7% dietary fibre and 2% iron”.

The user shared the video with the caption, “The broom has a calorie chart … in case you decide to snack on it!”

The hilarious outlining of the nutrition level on the broomstick has left the internet in stitches. Several users explained the reason behind the nutritional chart on a broom. A user jokingly wrote, “Because women feed their husbands when they get angry.”

Some claimed that the chart reveals how many calories the person will lose after using the broom for 30 minutes. A comment read, “The person who uses it for 30 minutes will lose 300 calories.”

Another user said, “Perhaps it is telling you how many calories you will lose if you use it to sweep a 100 sq meter area.”

Do tell us, what do you think of this eccentric broomstick?

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