Watch: Mid-Air Birthday Celebration Of A One-Year Leaves Internet Impressed

They say firsts are always special no matter what, and, we all agree! Be it a birthday or a job, the memory stays in our hearts forever. Something similar happened with this couple who celebrated their child’s first birthday mid-air. The couple flying on a Vistara flight were in for a surprise when the crew surprised the family of three with a mini birthday celebration for one-year-old Aarohi. The family was flying to Maldives from Mumbai when the crew wooed them with their gesture. Praising the little surprise from the airline, Aarohi’s father Rohit Sharma dropped a couple of pictures on Twitter. The picture revealed that the crew went above and beyond by arranging a miniature cake for little Aarohi. They presented it along with a handwritten note. 
The mango mousse cake was adorned with vanilla icing. The staff also decorated the plate with mango puree and a slice of kiwi. In the second picture, Aarohi’s family was seen posing along with the cake, note and the Vistara crew. The pictures were shared along with the text that read, “Loved the way how Vistara Crew celebrated my daughter’s very first birthday in the air aboard Male bound flight UK271… This is truly a heartwarming gesture for us & our daughter. Thank you Vistara.”
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Replying to the post, Vistara wrote, “First birthdays are indeed special and celebrating it at 35,000ft makes it even more special! The crew will be just as happy to read your Vistara love, Rohit.”

A user added, “The extra mile These people go to see smiles.”

A while back, IndiGo Airlines made it to the headlines for celebrating a little one’s first birthday on the flight. The baby girl was flying the same day as she turned one, and the airlines decided to make her day a memorable one. In a video shared by the father Joel Lal J, we can hear the Captain making a special announcement saying, “May I have your attention please, Ladies and Gentleman. I am your Captain; my name is Augustine. That is not important, what is important is we have a baby today whose first birthday [it is].”  

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