Watch: Street Food Vendor In Haridwar Makes “Fire Daal” – Would You Try It?

6ukt3fi viral fire daal in Watch: Street Food Vendor In Haridwar Makes "Fire Daal" - Would You Try It?

6ukt3fi viral fire daal in Watch: Street Food Vendor In Haridwar Makes "Fire Daal" - Would You Try It?

Daal has been our go-to food option when we can’t decide on what to eat. Nothing beats the satisfaction that a plate of dal-chawal brings. This is why when we recently saw dal getting a fiery twist, our interest was piqued. This unique dish was featured in an Instagram reel. The short clip shows a street food vendor preparing a serving of daal. He stands with a plate loaded with daal in one hand. Then the person behind the camera takes a ladle, which probably contains some ghee/ oil and is slightly aflame and moves it towards the dal. The vendor then adds something more to the ladle, and we get to see the dramatic effect thus produced. The street vendor then pours the contents of the ladle into the dal plate and mixes the dish to give it a smoky flavour. Watch the video here:

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The unique preparation style of this daal serving soon sparked varied reactions from people, many of whom were quite impressed with the dish. “Wow looks so tempting,” a person commented while another added, “So delicious and mouthwatering.” One comment read, “Bhaiyya, ek plate aag dena, thodi si daal maarke.” [“Bhaiyya, give one plate of fire with some dal in it.”]

However, some users noticed an injury on the vendor’s hand and speculated it to be the result of his fiery antics.  A person said, “If you notice that old man has an injury on his hand.”
Another user also pointed out: “That dude’s left hand is injured from fire.”

This is not the first time fire was used to add some drama to the dishes. One such fiery street experiment resulted in the birth of fire handi dosa. In the viral video, the street vendor made an ordinary crispy dosa, with toppings like tomatoes, onion, coconut chutney etc. It is followed up by a large chunk of butter, which is melted with a makeshift flamethrower over the toppings. After mixing the garnish with a generous amount of cheese, he caramelised the toppings with the flamethrower. Now, he added the caramelised topping in handi, and loaded it with more butter and cheese. Lastly, he placed the dosa on top of the handi and set it on fire. What happened next? Find out here.

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We advise viewers to exercise their discretion and avoid taking any dangerous risks while cooking/ eating such dishes at home or outside. Always follow safety practices especially when high heat and/or hot oil are involved. 

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