Watch: US Woman Sets Guinness World Record For World’s Loudest Burp

Watch: US Woman Sets Guinness World Record For World's Loudest Burp

Watch: US Woman Sets Guinness World Record For World's Loudest Burp

Who does not like to indulge in some lip-smacking food at a restaurant? While it is a great treat for your taste buds, one annoying side effect of gorging on excessive food is burping. Although it is completely normal, and everybody does it, there are a few cultures that consider it unmannerly. However, in China and Taiwan, burping means you like the food and is considered the highest form of flattery. You must be wondering why all of a sudden we are discussing burping. Well, it is because a US woman just made this irritating bodily function competitive. In yet another bizarre world record, Kimberly Winter from Maryland has “broken the world record for woman’s loudest burp.” This unusual talent of the 33-year-old TikToker has etched her name in the Guinness Book of World Records.
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As per the official Guinness World Record (GWR) site, Kimberly Winter’s bellowing belch measured 107.3 decibels (dB), surpassing the previous record of 107 decibels, achieved by Italy’s Elsa Cagoni in 2009. To estimate the loudness of her belch, GWR revealed that it was more clamorous than a blender (70-80 dB), an electric handheld drill (90-95 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100-110 dB). In order to measure Kimberly’s belch uninterrupted, the GWR needed to measure it in a soundproof room. This is why Kimberly attempted to record live on air during iHeartRadio’s Elliot In The Morning show. Guinness World Records dropped a montage video on Instagram, wherein Kimberly Winter is seen burping on several occasions. The clip was shared with the caption that read, “Loudest burp (female) 107.3 dB (C-weighted) by Kimberly Winter.” Take a look:

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In conversation with The New York Post, Kimberly Winter spilled the beans about the meal that helped her clinch the feat. She said, “I had an iced coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Dunkin’ and one beer as a backup.” The report revealed that while Kimberly can burp with just “a little bit of water” too, spicy food, alcohol, and soda help her in burping loudly. Kimberly revealed that in a bid to burp loudly, she “manipulates” the deep breath “into something monstrous and magical.”

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