Watch: Video Showing Making Of ‘Deep-Fried Milk’ Goes Viral, Internet Reacts

Milk is nothing short of a versatile ingredient. It can be turned into a wide variety of other foods that are themselves versatile ingredients (read: curd, paneer, cheese et al). In India, different types of milk products are staple foods in many households. We are no strangers to its many applications. But we recently came across a milk delicacy that may take you by surprise: deep-fried milk. An Instagram reel showing the making of this snack has gone viral and has received a lot of negative responses. But some have also pointed out its similarity to certain traditional dishes. Find out more below.
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The video was shared on the Instagram page @channelfoods. In it, we first see milk being poured into a pan. Then a small quantity of what seems to be cornstarch is mixed with the milk. The thickened milk is squeezed into a container (using a piping bag)and allowed to set. Later, the now-solid mixture is cut into long pieces and then coated in flour, eggs and breadcrumbs. The milk pieces are finally deep-fried until they get a lovely golden brown colour. Watch the full reel below:

Now, if this snack reminded you of paneer, you’re not alone. Visually, it’s quite a close resemblance. But remember that this is simply milk thickened with what we’re guessing is cornstarch. While making paneer, the milk is first curdled using an acidic ingredient. Excess water is later drained out from the curds. The process is quite different, so this definitely cannot be called paneer.
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The reel has received 2.8 million views so far. In the comments, many people dismissed the dish as just another bizarre food item. A few thought it was basically cheese. But others offered different opinions. Read some of the reactions below:
“This made me violently uncomfortable.”
“These taste good imo.”
“I want to make this.”
“This low-key looks hella good.”
“This is a sweet snack the texture of the milk is almost like a jello and it’s Asian and Spanish. The milk has sugar and it’s thickened with cornstarch. It’s worth a try but some people might not like the texture.”
This dish is indeed not some experimental invention. Fried milk is a traditional delicacy in China, and is similar to the version above. Another look-alike is the Spanish leche frita, which is relatively well-known. You can learn how to make it here.
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