Weekly Horoscope, Dec 11 to Dec 17, 2023: Astrological Prediction for All Zodiac Signs – News18

weekly horoscope dec 11 to dec 17 2023 12 325f9d5142ae65534f71a84477b55cc2 Weekly Horoscope, Dec 11 to Dec 17, 2023: Astrological Prediction for All Zodiac Signs - News18


Ganesha says this is a good week for you with numerous possibilities. Be open to new ideas and willing to experiment with new things. Having a budget is important to help you manage your finances, especially since you never know when an unexpected expense might pop up.

To put it plainly, this week is about both loving and being loved. Your presence will inspire joy and love in those around you. Consider the possibility that love can change you for the better, and act accordingly.

In the business world, this week provides excellent openings to make great strides in your career. Trust yourself and take risks without fear. You have the potential for further achievement than you realize.

Take utmost care of your health on all fronts: physical, mental, and emotional.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 4

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Ganesha says you need to stop fussing about the future and focus on enjoying your surroundings this week. Don’t be afraid to go out and explore new things; have faith in yourself. You can secure your financial future even if you are struggling now.

This week you and your partner will have a lot of fun together. You might feel a little overwhelmed by how good things are, but that’s all the more reason to sit back, relax, and take it all in.

Regarding business, you may face some setbacks this week, but you are capable of much more than that. You should believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it.

The health and happiness of each being should be the priority this week. You can feel better if you make your health and happiness a top priority.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 14


Ganesha says this week is ideal for adopting a more optimistic outlook and giving less importance to pursuits that don’t bring you joy. Focus on the good influences in your life and ignore the negative ones.

Your financial situation is showing improvement this week. Luck isn’t on your side this week, so expect to earn every penny. The key to love is to connect more deeply with others and attract more joy and love into your life.

In the business world, this week is a good time for you to make some significant progress. This week your colleagues will treat you with the utmost respect and give you recognition.

It’s important to take care of your body, mind, and soul this week. At the end of the week, you may feel exhausted, so make sure you eat the right food.

  • Lucky Colour: Green
  • Lucky Number: 1


Ganesha says time will surely be favorable. Scholars and youth can get new possibilities regarding their future. Only hard work is required. A timely investment can help bring you a windfall of profit. All your attention will be focused on strengthening good relationships. Some important plans related to this can also be made.

Your passion for working in business will lead you to significant achievements. Any approved trip is also possible. Those doing government jobs may have to face difficulties while dealing with the public. You must have complete confidence in your abilities as scholars.

Your sociable nature can also keep the atmosphere of the house pleasant. It’s important to keep your studies positive. Stress and anxiety can pose a threat to your health this week.

  • Lucky Colour: Gray
  • Lucky Number: 5


Ganesha says this is a week to focus on the positive and reap the benefits. An unexpected opportunity may arise, allowing you to increase your income or invest in a venture with a reasonable chance of success.

You and your current partner are likely to have a strong foundation on which to build your relationship. This is a great week for advancing your career and you may even see public recognition for your efforts.

In the classroom, you may find that learning and retaining new information comes naturally this week. You will feel stronger and healthier, and you may have the chance to participate in some sport or other physical activity that you enjoy.

  • Lucky Colour: Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 9


Ganesha says this coming week will be largely productive and enjoyable. You will receive some welcome financial benefits this week, such as unexpected cash or investment opportunities you weren’t expecting.

Before making any major purchases, you should carefully consider all your options. However, you can still plan a special date or make the gesture meaningful in a different way if you want to show your love and appreciation. If you aren’t currently in a relationship, you may soon meet someone who piques your interest.

In business, it’s important to regularly check in with your superiors and colleagues to ensure you are on the same page.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 12


Ganesha says this week is ideal for reflection and getting to know your financial goals. An open mind is essential if you want to make the most of the new money-making or investment opportunities that come your way.

This week is perfect for strengthening your bond with your significant other. Consider doing something special for them, such as taking them on a trip or giving them a gift, to express how much they mean to you. New business opportunities may arise this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

This week is ideal for intensifying your practice or enrolling in a new course. You may feel energized and motivated to take better care of your overall health this week. Take time for yourself and make choices that make you happy and healthy.

  • Lucky Colour: Black
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says your confidence will increase this week, allowing you to face any challenges that come your way. If you’re feeling frustrated or hurt by the past, now is the time to let go and live in the present. Relationships will flourish if you allow yourself to be loved.

Be flexible and open to new ways of making money when the opportunity arises. Try resolving any romantic issues and sharing meaningful moments with your significant other. Being tough and patient will pay off in the form of short-term wins and career success. Now is the time to put yourself out there and make connections that will benefit you later in life.

  • Lucky Colour: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says this week will be a productive one, full of satisfaction and pride in your success in fulfilling your goals. When it comes to finances, it’s important to keep track of your joint funds and cut down on unnecessary spending whenever possible. You can also take stock of your financial status and create a savings and investment plan.

If you’re in a relationship, invest time and effort in strengthening your bond with your partner. Your hard work and perseverance in work will be rewarded with promotion or public recognition. This week, success in your business will reach new heights.

You may face difficulties in your academic pursuits, but you shouldn’t get discouraged by them. Don’t lose focus and seek help if you feel you need it.

However, it’s important to give yourself some time to rest and rejuvenate if you’ve been feeling exhausted lately. Take care of your body by getting enough sleep, eating right, and drinking plenty of water.

  • Lucky Colour: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says you may feel more energized and motivated to make progress this week, allowing you to work on tasks you’ve been putting off. You will find new opportunities and easier ways to achieve your goals. You can go far in your chosen field if you are willing to put in the effort, and hard work is what it takes.

You and your partner may feel closer and more affectionate. Spend time doing activities that make you feel connected and show your appreciation. It’s possible that being single makes you more open to meeting new people, but it’s still important to be cautious and make informed decisions.

You may have to work long hours this week, but you’re up for the challenge. Maintain your diligence and focus. If you need support, don’t hesitate to ask for it or delegate tasks.

It’s a good idea to plan for your future and establish a solid, achievable plan. This week is all about taking care of your body. Get out and move, even if it’s just for a quick walk around the block, to get some exercise.

  • Lucky Colour: White
  • Lucky Number: 10


Ganesha says the week ahead could be full of surprises and changes that will force you to step outside your comfort zone. You can achieve your long-term goals with some careful planning and knowledge of investment strategies.

In the business world, you may need to put in more effort and show more determination this week to overcome or succeed in the face of challenges. Don’t let setbacks get to you; instead, persevere. Ask for help when you need it and reach out to mentors or knowledgeable peers for advice.

However, if you’re a student, this can be an excellent time to explore new studies or areas of interest to you. Maintain your curiosity and focus on your studies by consulting your teachers and classmates.

Even though you may be in good physical and mental health, you must take care of yourself and avoid burnout. Take breaks and get enough sleep.

  • Lucky Colour: Brown
  • Lucky Number: 7


Ganesha says you will feel revitalized and motivated this week, which will enable you to tackle any challenge. This is a great week to assess your budget and financial plans, as you may discover new opportunities to save or invest.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to maintain open communication and be open to meeting new people. However, if you are in a relationship, spend time together talking and connecting.

In the business world, if you work hard and dedicate yourself, your superiors will notice. This could open doors for you.

Studying and planning for your academic future should be your top priority. This week, focus on those areas that you find challenging first. Prioritize your own emotional and physical well-being by incorporating regular exercise and rest. Get enough sleep and eat healthy.

  • Lucky Colour: Golden
  • Lucky Number: 6.

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla)

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