What Do Your Food Cravings Say About Your Health? Nutritionist Reveals

What Do Your Food Cravings Say About Your Health? Nutritionist Reveals

What Do Your Food Cravings Say About Your Health? Nutritionist Reveals

Have you ever rummaged through your kitchen shelves, looking for food that you crave at odd hours? Well, you are not alone. Food cravings are basically intense desires to eat a specific food item. Don’t be worried, as it is extremely common. While not unusual, such cravings can be your body trying to communicate about some nutritional deficiency. Nutritionist Rebecca Pinto has shared that your cravings indicate the particular deficiency that you are going through. Each food item that you have been yearning to eat is associated with some nutritional element. Explaining the same, she dropped a video with the text, “What do your cravings say about your deficiencies?” In the clip, the nutritionist not only unveils the nutritional deficiencies linked to particular food cravings but also lists the healthy foods that will give you the required nutrients. Take a look:
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Here Are Some Commong Cravings And Their Meanings:

1. Iced Coffee

If one fine summer day you start craving iced coffee, it’s possible that it’s not only because of thirst. The nutritionist revealed that iced coffee cravings are linked to iron deficiency. She also suggested some healthy options to restore iron levels, such as consuming meat, spinach, and nuts.

2. Raw Rice

Does the thought of raw rice make you feel hungry? Well, if you have been craving raw rice, then chances are that you might be facing folic acid and pica deficiency. Healthy options to restore these nutritional values are through citrus fruits, carrots, and milk.

    3. Chocolate

    Who doesn’t love chocolate? But if you have been craving chocolate, then it is not only because of your fondness for the sweet treat. The nutritionist claimed that there is a high chance that you are struggling with magnesium deficiency, which you can replenish with nuts, seeds, and fruits.
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      4. Chalk

      Have you been craving chalk? Well, it could be because you might be facing calcium deficiency. You can maintain your calcium levels by consuming spinach, yoghurt, and chia seeds.

        5. Salty Chips and Fries

        Well, for this one, we all are guilty. Most evenings, we crave crunchy delights. But the nutritionist revealed that this craving is also possible because you are low on electrolytes. You can combat electrolyte deficiency by consuming tomatoes, fish, and salt.

          6. Soda

          Soda cravings are connected to a routine deficiency, and it happens due to untimely meals. You can get back on track by starting to eat your meals on time.

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