Why Excess Sugarcane Juice Can Be Bad For Your Health?

A tall glass of refreshing sugarcane juice is all we need to beat the scorching summer heat. Topped with a squeeze of lime, a hint of mint leaves, and some chaat masala, sugarcane juice is indeed a soul-satisfying indulgence. Apart from its refreshing taste, many consider it a guilt-free option because it lacks artificial sweeteners, usually found in carbonated beverages. Gastroenterologist Dr Pal Manickam, in a recent Instagram post, talked about the positive effects of sugarcane juice on gut health. In addition, he also suggested consuming the beverage in moderation. Mr Manickam wrote, “With India being the diabetic capital of the world, it’s crucial to consume sugarcane juice in moderation due to its high natural sugar content.”
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In the video, the doctor highlighted the rich nutrient content of sugarcane juice, including magnesium, potassium, iron, and B complex vitamins, which makes it a perfect sports drink. Manickam explained that sugarcane juice contains valuable fibre and is beneficial for gut health. 

He further mentioned that sugarcane juice primarily contains natural sugars, particularly “sucrose,” and therefore it should be consumed in moderation.

Manickam stated that although Brazil produces more sugar, India holds the title of the world’s “diabetic capital.” The doctor said, “They play football, and we are getting diabetic foot surgeries.”
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Just in case you don’t trust roadside vendors for hygiene, you can enjoy sugarcane juice right in the comfort of your house. Here is a fuss-free recipe to make sugarcane juice at home. Click here. 

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